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Frequently Asked Questions

These Are Questions We Know You May Have

Q.  Do I need to bring any food?
A.  The food at Wood Badge will be one of the best memories you will have. All of the food for your Wood Badge course is included. Meals will begin with Lunch on the first day. There will also be cracker-barrels (another word for “more food”) at various times of the day. If you go hungry at WoodBadge, it’s because you didn’t eat.

Q.  What if I have special dietary needs?
A.  Don’t worry, we’ll have you covered but we need to know what those needs are. If you have any dietary needs or food allergies we want to know ASAP so that we can ensure you will enjoy your meals throughout the week. Our cooks, like all of our staff, want your experience to be the best that it can be and will do their best to meet those needs. If you haven’t filled out the Personal Resource Questionnaire, please do that at your earliest convenience. There you can inform us of any special dietary needs.

Q.  What are the sleeping arrangements?
A.  We can accommodate all types of sleeping arrangements while you are on course. Most participants choose to sleep in the bunkhouses. We will have a men’s bunkhouse and a women’s bunkhouse. Each room sleeps 8 people (4 bunks w/mattress) and we will have plenty of room for everyone.  If you are coming with your spouse and you choose to stay together, we can set up a tent for you in the married couples sleeping area. You also have the option to bring your own camp trailer if you would like to really rough it. Want to stay in a tent by yourself? We can make that happen as well. Just make sure you let us know on the Personal Resource Questionairre.

Q.  Can I bring my own Camp Trailer?
A.  You bet! We will even provide you with the power. We DO NOT have any hook-ups for sewer or water however.

Q.  Do I need to bring my own Tent?
A. No! If you prefer to sleep in a tent rather than the bunkhouses, we can make that happen for you. We will have your tent setup for you prior to your arrival. The Springbar Canvas tents that we provide sleep 2 per tent but we DO NOT have any cots/mattresses for you. If you are sleeping in a tent, we recommend you bring some sort of cot/mattress to make your week more comfortable. If you prefer to sleep in a tent by yourself, we will make that happen.  Just be sure to let us know when you fill out the Personal Resource Questionairre.

Q.  What are the dates of Wood Badge?
A.  June 20-22 & 27-29, 2019.

Q.  What time do I need to arrive?
A.  Check-in will be from 7:30-8:00 am on Thursday morning June 20, 2019.

Q.  Where will Course be held?
A.  Wood Badge will be held at Krupp Scout Hollow just North of Rigby.
688 N 4200 E
Rigby, ID 83442
You can CLICK HERE for directions to Krupp Scout Hollow.

Q.  What is the dress code on course?
A. There are three types of activities that we will be doing during the course, each with its own kind of dress.

  1. We will be having flag ceremonies, blue-and-gold banquets, patrol activities, and learning sessions that will all be done in full uniform (some of you may know this as Class A or Field Uniform) just like the awesome looking picture on the welcome page of this site.
  2. We will also be having some activities where the course director will allow us to be a bit more relaxed. If you have an Activity uniform (or sometimes called a Class B), go ahead and bring it.
  3. Part of the program will be to do some service. During the second half of the course we will be doing stuff that could include, painting, digging, cutting, etc. For the second weekend, you’ll need some clothes for some grubby activities.

Q.  What time will we be done?
A. Wood Badge is packed tight with a ton of training each day. We start Thursday morning early and go through Saturday late afternoon about 5:00PM or so.

Q. Are there showers available?
A. Yes!! And we encourage their use.

Q. What do I need to Bring?
A. Sleeping gear, toiletries, uniform, a big appetite, an open mind, a desire to learn, and questions about your current responsibilities. With the time allotted for instruction and reflection, there is ample opportunity to gain helpful insights and gain clearer vision. Check out our Personal Equipment List for a detailed description of items to bring.

Q. When do I need to have my fees paid in full?
A. As soon as possible is best, but May 1, 2019 is when we need the fees “Paid in Full” in order to make an accurate count for the course to run.

Q. What if I’m unable to come after all?
A. Well, we will miss you and be sad to not spend this time with you. As for the fees that have been paid, they can be transferred to another course that will fit your schedule. Also, there is a possibility of a refund if enough notification is given.

Q. What if I am not in a scout calling when I am there?
A. The leadership training that is experienced in Wood Badge is applicable in far more situations than just scouting. It is a respected leadership training for use in family, education and other settings. There is even an opportunity to obtain college credit through ISU. Many attendees have experienced insight into and help with other callings, work, and family relationships.

Q. Can I bring my pets?
A. Generally no. The training is consistent and requires your attention most of every day. Of course, legally registered service animals would be an exception. Talk with the Course Director for more information.

Q. Is there cell service there?
A. It is rural Idaho, but yes, there is cell coverage.