Meet the Staff

Adam Hall - Course Director

Adam Hall – Course Director

Adam has been married to Amber (the cook) for 18 years, and they hail from Rigby. The two of them met at the Salmon River High Adventure Base while she was a cook and he was a river guide. They have two children, Paisley (10) and Treycen (11), both of whom they adopted. Adam loves being on the water, in any way, shape, or form.  He loves to boat and waterski with his family.  His favorite vacation is a cruise.  “…[B]eing on a cruise ship and only seeing the ocean in every direction is one of the most awesome things to me.”  Adam also serves on the Rigby City Council and thoroughly enjoys putting together a car show in Rigby that benefits the Senior Citizens “Meals on Wheels” program.  There is no down-time for the Hall family!
A Webelos Den Leader in his home unit, Adam is a Fox serving on his 7th Wood Badge staff. He says, “I love the friendships that I make at Wood Badge.  The lessons learned have been helpful in my life since I went through as a participant many years ago.  When utilized correctly, the leadership skills I’ve learned have benefited my career, my family, and many other aspects of my life.”

Tom Albaugh - ASM Program

Tom Albaugh – Assistant Course Director (Program)

Tom and his wife consider themselves rich with 9 children, 40 grandchildren, and 1 great-grandchild!  He comes to us from Idaho Falls and is a wonderful craftsman, with skills encompassing both leather and wood.  (He is responsible for creating the fabulous leather Wood Badge name tags!)  He also loves to go fishing, when he is able to squeeze it in. 

Tom is in his 10th year of being on staff at Wood Badge.  He most closely relates to the Beaver Patrol, and he is currently serving as Eagle Chairman.  When it comes to Wood Badge, he loves it all.

Tara Gates - ASM Logistics

Tara Gates – Assistant Course Director (Logistics)

Tara has been married to her husband, J.R., for 18 years. They have four boys, ages 7-16, that
rank from Tiger all the way to Eagle. Tara loves to knit, crochet, and spend time with her
friends. She recently had a unique experience helping to pilot the Cub Scout Lion program as a
Lion Guide. She is certainly busy is scouts, as her current positions include Cub Committee
Chair (211), Cub Advancement (211), Committee Chair (100), Secretary (100), District
Recognition, and District Wood Badge Recruiter.

Tara’s critter is an Eagle, and this will be her fifth year on Wood Badge Staff. Her favorite thing about Wood Badge is the heart connections she makes each time. “I love growing my scouting family!”

McKay Kesler - ASM Troop Guides

Mckay Kesler – Assistant Course Director (Troop Guides)

McKay and his wife, Rebecca, have four wonderful children and have always lived in Blackfoot, Idaho.  His varying interests include (but are not limited to) waterskiing, painting, drawing, and spending much of his time with his family.

McKay is in his 3rd year of being on Wood Badge staff.  He is a member of the Fox Patrol and serves as Scout Advisor in his home unit.  In relation to Wood Badge, he remarks, “Wood Badge is a very important leadership training that I have come to love.  It is so fun, yet so full of useful information that can change your life when implemented into your life and responsibilities.”

Cameron Bird - Senior Patrol Leader

Cameron Bird – Senior Patrol Leader

Cameron and his wife, Brittany, have been married for 14 years.  They live in Rigby and have five children, ages 2-11. Their whole family loves Scouting and even sings “Back to Gilwell” on long car rides! He loves golf, basketball, and other sports, as well as playing games and enjoying the great outdoors. “Nothing makes me happier that spending time in Mother Nature seeing God’s creations.”  Most of all, he loves spending time conversing and laughing with those he loves.

Cameron, a Buffalo, currently serves as Venturing Advisor. Of Wood Badge, he says, “I love the culture and the way I feel when I am on a Wood Badge course.  I love the way that it helps me to strive to be my very best self.  Wood Badge has the unique ability to teach you different things with the same material every time you hear it.”  This is his second year on Wood Badge staff.

Brittney Bird - Troop Guide

Brittney Bird – Troop Guide

Brittney and her husband, Cameron, are from Rigby and have been married for 13 years. They have four sons and one daughter. Brittney spends most of her time waiting “hand and foot” on her five children and says she wouldn’t have it any other way. She also loves sunshine and new adventures, as well as a good book or a walk on the beach, sipping lemonade.

Brittney is a Bear who serves as Cubmaster back home. She loves being a part of scouting, especially training our future leaders. This is her second time on Wood Badge staff. She says of Wood Badge, “I love that I took so much more away from this training than just ‘Scout Training.’ I learned life skills that have changed my view on so many aspects of my own personal life. The skills I learned will benefit those that I work with, but even more, they will benefit my own family.”

Terry Hansen – Troop Guide

Terry Hansen lives in Blackfoot and has been married for 39 years.  He and his wife have 2 children and 6 grandchildren.  In his spare time he enjoys beautifying his yard and shooting sporting clays.  He and his son are Eagle Scouts, and Terry has also earned the Silver Beaver.  He is also a Vigil Honor in the Order of the Arrow.  In his home unit he is a Committee Member.

Terry is an Owl and this will be his second year on staff at Wood Badge.   His favorite parts of Wood Badge are not only the knowledge and skills you can develop, but also the relationships you are able to build with others.

Nile Hall – Troop Guide

Nile and his wife have been married for 46 years.  They have 2 girls and 3 boys, 20 grandchildren, and though they have lived in 5 different states during their marriage, they currently reside in rigby.  He loves being with his family, reading good books, and playing sudoku.  Some of his hobbies include boating, water skiing, and snowmobiling.  He also served two LDS Church missions in Denmark, once at age 19 and again later with his wife.  Wood Badge for him will be a family affair this year, as he has a son, daughter, son-in-law, and daughter-in-law all on staff with him.

Nile hails from the Beaver Patrol and, though this is his first year on Wood Badge staff, he is no stranger to scouting.  He is a Silver Beaver, and has served as Eagle Chairman, District Chairman, Roundtable Chairman, Scoutmaster, Cubmaster, Scouting Head, and is, of course, an Eagle Scout, as are all of his sons, sons-in-law, and grandsons who are eligible. Nile sees Wood Badge as a way to meet and work with great folks who have the same ideas about raising boys as he does.  “It is a place to meet lots of good new friends and to refocus yourself on goals that are important.”

Julie Johnson - Troop Guide

Julie Johnson – Troop Guide

Julie lives in Ammon, Idaho and has been married for 14 years. She and her husband have four
(mostly) fabulous kids. Julie enjoys reading, baking, playing games with her family, and playing
with children. (Insider information: She can be bribed with chocolate. You can also just give
her chocolate for no reason. She’ll take it.)

Julie’s critter is an Eagle and she currently serves as a Committee Member in her home unit. She
feels that Wood Badge is a great way to learn more about what scouting has to offer and to gain
valuable leadership skills. She also loves the friendships she makes through Wood Badge and
the Spirit of Gilwell! This will be Julie’s first year on staff.

Dirk Martin - Troop Guide

Dirk Martin – Troop Guide

Dirk and his wife were married in Canada 20 years ago and now have seven children, three boys
and four girls. He lives with his family in Blackfoot and likes going for drives and hanging out
with them. He also enjoys hunting, fishing, listening to old music, and running in the mountains.

Dirk is part of the Eagle Patrol, and this will be his first year on the Wood Badge staff. At Wood
Badge he loves the spirit of people working together for others. “I think this Wood Badge will be
the best ever because we have the best folks coming!”

Adam Koepke - Troop Guide

Adam Koepke – Troop Guide

Adam married his lovely wife, Teresa (also on staff), the day before he was deployed to Iraq in 2005.  They have now been married over 13 years and have 4 wonderful children.  Adam is an Eagle Scout, served an LDS mission in Ohio, and served in the U.S. Army for 14 years (thank you for your service!…and thank you to your wife!), including serving in Iraq during 05-
06.  He also earned his MBA from Grand Canyon University in 2017 and lived in Germany for 11 years.  Adam currently lives in Rigby and enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, family history, visiting the national parks, and spending time with his family.  In his own words, “Pretty much anything outdoors!”

This will be Adam’s third year on Wood Badge staff, and he relates to the Owl Patrol.  He currently serves as the Order of the Arrow Associate Advisor (Vice Chief) in his home unit.  “My experience with Wood Badge is one that has shown me the need for good leaders for the youth who will be the leaders in the future of this great nation.  I enjoy the friendship and heart connections that are made.  I also love that you are able to apply the skill and knowledge…in all facets of life.”

Greg Klingler - Scribe

Greg Klingler – Scribe

Greg Klingler loves scouting!  He has been married for 16 years, and he and his wife have seven children.  He currently lives in Rigby and loves to golf, but actually sends most of his free time supporting his children in their various activities.  Greg is the on-staff Medical Advisor.

This is his first year on Wood Badge staff and is part of the Bear Patrol.  He currently serves as COR (what the heck is this?) in his home unit and truly does love scouting.  He feels he has been blessed by great scout leaders and hopes to be able to impact others in a similarly positive way through his service in scouting.  “I love the leadership skills taught at Wood Badge and the focus on strengthening young people.”

Bethany Haskett - Scribe

Bethany Haskett- Scribe

Bethany and her husband have been married for 19 years.  They have two girls (14 and 16) who are obsessed with books, Star Wars, Marvel, and mythology, and two boys (5 and 8) who are obsessed with books, Star Wars, Legos, and dirt.  She has homeschooled her children for the last 10 years and is fascinated by good food, homeopathy, permaculture, and Bluegrass music.  She has no spare time, but if it were to occur it would be filled with reading, kayaking, and really good chocolate cake.

This is her first time as a Wood Badge staffer, and she is currently serving as the Wolf/Bear Den Leader in her home unit.  She is a member of the Greatest Fox Patrol Ever, and says of Wood Badge, “The relationships you create and the principles you learn at Wood Badge have the potential to give your life new dimension that enhances your ability to serve with heart and energy. It’s one of the most engaging ways I know of to change your life.  I love it!”

Bethany Haskett - Scribe

Karrie Moore – Scribe

Karrie has been married to her husband for 21 years.  They live in Blackfoot and have four incredibly busy children.  Though much of her time is spent chasing after her children, she also enjoys camping, napping, and spending time with family (including those previously mentioned children). 

Karrie is a member of the Fox Patrol and serves as a Committee Member in her home unit.  The believes the best thing about Wood Badge is the fact that it prepares and trains wonderful people to lead and guide our youth.

Matt LIndsey - Quartermaster

Matt Lindsey – Quartermaster

Matt comes to us from Rigby, Idaho and has been married 26 years.  He and his wife have three children, two boys and a girl.  In his spare time, he enjoys sleeping and spending time in the mountains of Idaho with his family.  He is currently serving as Scoutmaster in his home unit and is part of the Bobwhite patrol.

When it comes to Wood Badge, he most enjoys making new connections with the people that he meets.  This is his second year on staff.

Will Daarud – Quartermaster

Will is a native of Rigby and West Yellowstone and has been married to his beautiful wife for 6
½ years. They have 2 children and reside in Rigby, Idaho. He currently works as the Engineering
Specialist whose duty it is to safely transport children to and from school. In his spare time
enjoys many outdoor hobbies, including hiking, hunting, fishing, motorcycling, four-wheeling,
and snowmobiling. His current position is the 11-year-old Scout Leader in his unit.

Will is member of the Beaver Patrol, and this will be his first time on staff at Wood Badge. He
loves many things about Wood Badge but being in the great outdoors and getting to know the
people there are his favorites.

Teresa Koepke - Cook

Teresa Koepke – Culinary Expert

Teresa has been married to her sweety, Adam (also on staff this year), for 12 years.  They live in Rigby and have 4 amazing children: Nora- 13, Emma- 10, Camden- 5, and Wyatt- 2.  Her hobby of cake baking and decorating blossomed into a modest cake business that has been going strong for 20 years and is now a passion of hers!  She also enjoys knitting, crocheting, and all things outdoors.

Teresa is an Owl and will be serving in her second year as a Wood Badge staff member.  She currently serves as the Order of the Arrow Associate Lodge Advisor in her home unit.  Teresa shared the following, “I can honestly say that Wood Badge has amplified my love of scouting and helped me to see just how important the programs offered through the Boy Scouts of America are for the youth!”

Emily Smith – Culinary Expert

Emily and her husband, Jerry, have been married for 20 years.  They have 4 children, 3 sons and 1 daughter, and live in Pocatello.  They are described as a “soccer family with interests in kayaking, camping, and traveling.”  They enjoy just about everything that they do together!  (The actual quote was, “Being together is the best!”)  Emily says this about her spare time, “In my spare time I watch trashy TV.  I like watching reality TV about things that are so far from my reality that I become super curious about it.  Let’s be clear that I don’t watch porn….”

This is her third year on staff at Wood Badge, and she is a Beaver!.  In her home unit Emily is a Merit Badge Counselor.  “Wood Badge is a great opportunity to learn from others, make great connections, sing fun songs, and make amazing memories.”  Her advice to new Wood Badge attendees is this, “Embrace your critter!  It’s amazing”

Amber Hall - Cook

Amber Hall – Culinary Expert

Amber has been happily married to her best friend for 18 years.  Their oldest child is a 13-year-old dog named Kramer.  Through the miracle of adoption, they were able to add 2 more children to their family.  Their son is now 11 and their daughter is 10.  Amber has had an exciting year!  She recently opened a day spa in Rigby and is putting much of her time and energy into making that dream a success right now!  She also loves spending time with her family.  They are up for anything that they can do as a family, especially boating.

Amber currently serves as a Webelos Den Leader and shares that Wood Badge has helped her in so many ways.  “It has taught me the tools I need to be a better mother, a better wife, and a better business owner.”  As for her critter, Amber is a Fox, like her husband, Adam.  “I know that I was destined to be a Fox!  Once you get to know Adam, you will see why.  There is no way I can compete with him, so I’m glad I get to join his team.  Team Fox!”

Dan Deakin - Professional

Dan Deakin – Scouting Professional

Dan has been married to his wife, Toukine (a Beaver), for 25 years. They have six children ranging in age from 24 years to 3 years old and live in Pocatello. In his spare time, Dan likes riding his motorcycle, woodworking, camping, and canoeing. Dan loves scouting and seeing the positive changes it makes in the lives of the youth and adults that are involved.
Dan is one of our Bears. He currently serves as a District Director, Committee Chairman, and an Assistant Scoutmaster. He has been on Wood Badge Staff six times now. He says that what he enjoys most about Wood Badge is “getting to know some of the best people on the Earth” and “seeing those in attendance have a light turn on inside….I can ‘Bearly’ wait to get back to Gilwell.”