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Meet the Staff

Kalob Parsons – Course Director

Kalob has been married to his wife for 21 years. They have 7 kids ranging in age from 18-2. In his spare time he loves spending time with his family or reading a good Sci-Fi or Fantasy novel.

Kalob currently serves as the COR (Chartered Organization Representative) for his unit. This is his 4th time serving on wood badge staff.

Kalob loves how wood badge has helped make positive changes in his life, his families life, in his profession, and how it has done the same for others. He loves that it reminds him to have so much fun while getting the work done. He loves the fellowship and the friends he’s made at wood badge. He loves being an instrument in his Father’s hands and know this is where His work is done. Kalob is an antelope.

Tara Gates – Assistant Course Director (Program)

This is Tara’s 6th time on wood badge staff. She loves to serve, because she enjoys the heart connections and lifetime friends she makes. She is so excited to be here spending time with all of you. She loves the program and what it can do for leaders, which in turn benefits our youth.

Tara has been married to J.R. for 19 years. They have 4 boys, an eagle, a Life, a Webelos, and a Wolf. They spend a lot of their time in scouting working in 2 units. Tara currently serves as Unit committee chair, unit secretary, cub committee chair, cub advancement, district recognition, and district wood badge recruiter. The boys in her life love to spend their time at cedar badge and day camps, while Tara is engaged in wood badge. Tara is an eagle.

In her spare time Tara enjoys knitting and crocheting. She always has a project or two going. She enjoys hanging out with friends and is always up for a good laugh!

Dell Robertson – Assistant Course Director (Logistics)

Dell enjoys the power of the concepts taught at wood badge and the opportunity to use them in fun and delightful ways. He also loves the great associations and friendships developed. This is his 6th time on staff. He is currently serving as the unit commissioner and on the district committee for advancement. He also reviews and approves Eagle Projects. He has worked with District VOA (Venturing Officers Association) youth in the past and has served 1 year as staffer for Cedar Badge as Venturing course director. He is an antelope!

He married his high school sweetheart and they have been married for 45 years. They had the opportunity to go to wood badge together and it changed their lives. They have 6 children,16 grandchildren, and 1 great grandchild on the way. In his spare time he likes to do anything outdoors: hunt, fish, horseback , ATV, and snowmobile. He enjoys spending time with family.

Matt Lindsey – Assistant Course Director (Troop Guides)

Matt is a wonderful, handsome, caring man that is married to Susan, for 26 years, they have 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl. They are all involved in scouting.  Matt loves everything about wood badge but especially he loves the camaraderie and meeting new people.

In his spare time Matt enjoys spending time with his family on the dry farm and working on project pickups. He currently is serving as a scout master in a community unit. He is a bobwhite and this is his 3rd time being on staff. He has lived in Rigby since 1996 and said the only way he will leave is in a box. 

Julie Johnson – Senior Patrol Leader

Julie is an energetic eagle. She has been married for 15 years and has 4 kids. One of her sons will have his eagle earned by the end of the year and her other son will start cub scouts in the fall. She has two lovely daughters sandwiched in the middle of her 2 sons. Julie loves to spend time with her family. They enjoy playing games, spending time outside and reading.

This is Julie’s second time on staff and she is currently serving as a merit badge counselor. The thing she enjoys most about wood badge is the friendships and getting to meet so many people with the same goal, strengthening their leadership skill to strengthen those around them.

Trever Belnap – Troop Guide

Will Daarud – Troop Guide

The thing Will enjoys about wood badge is that he loves the connections that are made and the camaraderie that develops. He is currently serving in scouting as a merit badge counselor. His critter is a beaver and this is his second year on staff. He is really looking forward to another amazing wood badge course.

He has been married to his wife Traci for 7 years. They have 2 children, a boy age 6 and a girl age 3. Will enjoys the outdoors, he spends his spare time camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, dirt biking, four wheeling, and snowmobiling

Julie Murri – Troop Guide

Julie loved her Wood badge experience as a participant! She learned so much about team work, communication, and how to become a better leader herself. She is excited for a second opportunity to be a troop guide. She has loved getting to know everyone and teach them and learn from them!! She has made friendships that will last forever! She encourages everyone to come to Wood Badge and experience all the amazing things this course has to offer to you!! Julie is a buffalo and is currently serving as a wolf leader.
She grew up in Rexburg. Julie married an amazing man named Brian who was from St. Anthony. He is a wonderful husband and father to our two awesome boys! Our oldest son, Tyler is 20, and had an amazing experience at Cedar Badge!
Our youngest son, Spencer is 17, and has loved scouting, too. Both of our boys have earned their Eagle Scout award and become amazing young men!
In her spare time, she loves to go hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, or anything to enjoy nature. She also loves to read, play the piano, and teach children. She is currently teaching 6th grade in Sugar City and loves it! She’s worked with special needs kids for 10+ years in her life and they all hold a special place in her heart!

Sarah Babcock – Troop Guide

This is Sarah’s first time serving on staff. She is currently serving as the equivalent to a unit commissioner. Her critter is a beaver and the things she enjoys the most about wood badge is the spirit felt throughout the course and the friendships we make.

Sarah has been married to her husband Ken/KJ for 14 years. She is currently a student at College of Massage Therapy at Bingham Memorial Hospital in Blackfoot, ID. She is grateful for opportunities to continue her education and learning has been a lifetime pursuit.

Russ Nash – Troop Guide

 – Troop Guide


Micheal Timm – Troop Guide

Micheal’s favorite thing about wood badge is learning the different skills, being part of the fun, and the friendships made from interacting with others. His critter is a bobwhite. He is currently serving as Scoutmaster, Cub Committee Chairman, and Assistant Scoutmaster of a Stake troop. This is his first time serving on wood badge staff.

Micheal is married, it will be 10 years this month. He has five children, three boys and two girls. In his spare time he likes to travel, hike, dutch oven cook, woodwork, and spend time with his family.

Mitzi Pruitt- Scribe

Mitzi has been married to her wonderful Quarter Master husband Doug for 24 years. They have two great boys who are 21 and 18 and are with us on our love of scouting. A family dinner would not be complete without a good “scout joke” or a spirited scout song.

For the last 13 years their spare time has been with our boys in some sort of scouting adventures. They love going to Island Park to Doug’s family cabin to relax, float the river, and sitting by the fire. When she has a little extra time she is in her yard planting, weeding, and moving plants. She grew up in Ashton, ID and loves musicals. She graduated from BYUI in Horticulture in 2012.

This is Mitzi’s 5th year on staff. She is an eagle and is currently serving as a den leader. Her favorite thing about wood badge is the heart connections and having lifelong friends. She also enjoys learning new skills that she uses every day.

Micheal Graham – Scribe

The thing Micheal enjoys about wood badge is the leadership skills that he developed and the lasting friendships. He is the Unit commissioner and an antelope. This is his 2nd year on staff.

He has been married for 45 years. He has 3 children and so far 4 grandchildren. In his spare time he enjoys motorcycles and sidecars.

Doug Pruitt – Quartermaster

Verla Turner – Quartermaster

David Wright – Culinary Expert

David is a bobwhite and is currently the assistant webelos wow leader. He has served on wood badge staff 4 times and Akela’s Trail 6 times. The thing he enjoys most about wood badge is the association with other scouters.

He has been married for 53 years. David and his wife have 9 children and 15 grandchildren. In his spare time he loves to go fishing with his children and grandchildren. He likes to spend time with his family and go hunting when he can.

Kathi Wright – Culinary Expert

This is Kathi’s first time of serving on staff. She is an owl. She is currently serving as the Yellowstone District Webelos Wow Chairman. The thing she enjoys about wood badge is all of the great skills she has learned.

She is single and says she is still looking for Mr. Right. She enjoys crocheting, drawing, wood working, and anything creative in her spare time.

Michelle Fillmore – Culinary Expert

This is Michelle’s first time on staff at wood badge. Her favorite part of it is getting to know new people and making new friends. She truly loves the whole experience. She currently serves as a bear leader and her critter is a bobwhite.

She has been married to Craig Fillmore for the last 9 years, they live in Rigby. Michelle has twin boys Daniel and Michael. Michael passed away last year. Michelle works for school district 251 over shipping and receiving for child nutrition. She also works with maintenance and mows lawns during the summer. In her spare time she enjoys camping, fishing and hunting.

Erick Simmons – Scouting Professional

Erick has been married to his wife, Kathy, for 15 years. They have 3 children:  Noah age 10, AJ age 8, and Paisley age 5.  With what little time I have left over after Scouting and kids’ school activities usually gets eaten up by chores around the house. On those rare moments that I have some time to myself I enjoy reading or watching a movie with my wife.

Erick is currently a professional for the Grand Teton Council and serves as a Pack Committee Member. He has served as a staffer 2 times and his critter is a beaver. The thing Erick enjoys about wood badge is that he loves watching participants from varying backgrounds come together to form life-long bonds.

Tom Barry – Mentor

Tom is a dad to two kids. Alexis that is 18 and is here as a participant and Colby that is 15 and serving on cedar badge staff this month. As a family they like to go camping in the spring, summer, and fall and they all really enjoy snowmobiling in the winter.

Tom is currently serving as a COR (Chartered Organization Representative) and a GTC council Vice president. He has served on staff 10 times. His critter is an eagle. The thing he enjoys about wood badge is that he loves the connections and friendships it has given him over the years. That is on top of the skills and leadership traits that are taught.  We all walk onto the hill just like you, nervous, scared, maybe feeling pressured to attend but from my experience just let the spirit here at Wood badge lead you each day, you will be given everything you need, you just need to look for it and be willing to accept it when you find it. Cherish the friendships and heart connections that will happen.