Meet the Staff

Emily Holt Course Director

Adam Hall – Course Director

Adam has been married to Amber (the Cook) for 18 years, and they hail from Rigby. The two of them met at the Salmon River High Adventure Base while she was a cook and he was a river guide. They have two children, Paisley (10) and Treycen (11), both of whom they adopted. Adam and his family love water skiing on the lake in the summer and skiing and snowboarding in the winter. They also love camping and vacationing to new places.

An Institutional Head in his home unit, Adam is a Fox serving on his 6th Wood Badge staff. He says, “Wood Badge has changed how I manage and lead the teams I’m a part of. Every time I come back on Staff, I see the lessons in a new perspective. Being able to help give the participants the life-changing lessons I received is also one of the greatest parts of Wood Badge for me.”

Tom Albaugh – Assistant Course Director (Program)

Tara Gates – Assistant Course Director (Logistics)

Mckay Kesler – Assistant Course Director (Troop Guides)

Cameron Bird – Senior Patrol Leader

Cameron and his wife, Brittany, have been married for 13 years and have five children. Their whole family loves Scouting and even sings “Back to Gilwell” on long car rides! He loves golf, basketball, and other sports, as well as playing games and enjoying the great outdoors. Most of all, he loves spending time conversing and laughing with those he loves.

Cameron, a Buffalo, currently serves as Scoutmaster. Of Wood Badge, he says, “I love to be able to be in a group of people with common goals and interests, focused on spending an immense amount of time in the service of the future generation. I am confident that Baden- Powell was just as inspired as the Founding Fathers were when he started the scouting movement. Scouting helps me to be my best self, and I have seen it bring out the best self in others. My life has forever been changed because of my choice to fully embrace the Scouting movement.”

Brittney Bird – Troop Guide

Brittney and her husband, Cameron, are from Rigby and have been married for 13 years. They have four sons and one daughter. Brittney spends most of her time waiting “hand and foot” on her five children and says she wouldn’t have it any other way. She also loves sunshine and new adventures, as well as a good book or a walk on the beach, sipping lemonade.

Brittney is a Bear who serves as Cubmaster back home. She loves being a part of scouting, especially training our future leaders. This is her second time on Wood Badge staff. She says of Wood Badge, “I love that I took so much more away from this training than just ‘Scout Training.’ I learned life skills that have changed my view on so many aspects of my own personal life. The skills I learned will benefit those that I work with, but even more, they will benefit my own family.”

Russ Burt – Troop Guide

Nile Hall – Troop Guide

Marrina Browning – Troop Guide

Julie Johnson – Troop Guide

Jaren Nelson – Troop Guide

Dirk Martin – Troop Guide

Adam Koepke – Troop Guide

Greg Klingler – Scribe

Bethany Haskett- Scribe

Matt Lindsey – Quartermaster

Randy Ashcroft – Quartermaster

Emily Smith – Culinary Expert

Amber Hall – Culinary Expert

Amber has been married to Adam for 17 years now. They live in Rigby with their daughter and son, both of whom share the enthusiastic “scouting spirit” Amber herself grew up with! She runs her own business as a Licensed Massage Therapist and spends her non-work hours as a full-time mom. She loves to get her hands on any craft or piece of furniture she can refinish or repurpose.

Amber, a Fox, serves as a Webelos Den Leader in her unit. This is her 3rd time on Wood Badge staff. She loves that WB gives leaders the training to help boys realize their own potential, “becoming the adults God intended them to be.” She adds, “I came to Wood Badge as a participant before I even had a scout calling. This training has so many valuable nuggets for any person. I went away with a burning desire and the tools to become a better business owner, a better spouse and a better mother. This training is priceless.”

Teresa Koepke – Culinary Expert

Dan Deakin – Scouting Professional

Dan has been married to his wife, Toukine (a Beaver), for 24 years. They have six children ranging in age from 23 years to 2 years old. In his spare time, Dan likes riding his motorcycle, woodworking, camping, and canoeing. Dan loves scouting and seeing the positive changes it makes in the lives of the youth and adults that are involved. 

Dan is one of our Bears. He currently serves as a District Director and a Varsity Coach. He has been on Wood Badge Staff six times now. He says that what he enjoys most about Wood Badge is “getting to know some of the best people on the Earth” and “seeing those in attendance have a light turn on inside.”