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What Do I Learn?

img_1152What do you learn?? More like “What Don’t You Learn!!” Your course will consist of 6 full days of energized leadership training. The skills acquired will benefit you in EVERY aspect of you life. Not just your scouting position. You will however learn how a Boy Scout Unit operates consisting of Cub Scout Activities, Blue & Gold Banquets, Patrol/Troop Meetings and activities as well as experience what the boys should as you will implement what you learn in a real “Outdoor Experience”.

Above and beyond the Scouting Training you learn, there are presentations that teach you how to communicate through listening and speaking, create a vision of success, leveraging diversity in your organization, solve problems through decision making and many more valuable trainings. You truly can’t experience this program anywhere like you do with the BSA.

Wood Badge teaches many of the same corporate retreat lessons CEO’s and high level management are required to attend. The only difference with Wood Badge, is you’ll learn through first-hand experience as you participate in leadership activities and methods with your patrol.

Your Food is taken care of, the lodging is exceptional, and the experience you walk away with with be second to none. If 50 people attend any Wood Badge course, its not uncommon that more than half will tell us “This training has changed my life!!” We know with an open mind, it will do the same for you.

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What’s Your Calling

Below you will find out how your calling can benefit from going to Wood Badge. There are beneficial reasons for nearly every calling and position in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Stake President

As a zone commissioner in Scouting, Stake Presidents have the opportunity to follow the counsel from many General Authorities and leaders of the church to encourage all Scouting leaders to be trained in their positions. It will also help them to see the value of the Scouting Program as it is meant to be. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has endorsed the scouting program for over 100 years.  It’s time EVERY scout leader in the Church see firsthand the reasons why.

Young Men Presidencies

These individuals are called to serve in the Aaronic Priesthood in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  They also fulfill  responsibilities as the Venture Crew Advisor, Varsity Coach and Scoutmaster. Charles Dahlquist II said that going to Wood Badge will help us learn our duty to keep the youth involved and excited about the program.

Young Women Presidencies

Even though the Young Women President and her counselors have no direct correlation to the Scouting program in the Ward, the lessons at Wood Badge can help these leaders understand how to react in certain situations. Each Young Women’s class is organized similar to a Patrol in the BSA. Wood Badge can help you teach these girls how to have Presidency Meetings (Patrol Meetings in Wood Badge) as well as teaching the Presidents how to lead the girls in their class through delegating assignments.

Primary Presidency

You are responsible for the Cub Scout and 11 year old Scout programs in your ward. What better way to learn about them all at once, then to attend Wood Badge! You will see the program as it applies to cubs all the way through their scouting world. This will help you better prepare them for the future and feel Heavenly Father’s love through the scouting program.

Stake Primary Presidency

You are responsible for providing ongoing encouragement, support and instruction for your ward presidencies. Often you serve as Unit Commissioners. Having a working knowledge of all the facets of the scouting program will allow you to be better support for your ward auxiliaries. You will practice amazing leadership skills that will help you teach and lead adult leaders.


Bishops are the Institutional Head of their Unit. They work directly with the young men and oversee the individuals acting as Scoutmasters, Varsity Coaches and Crew Advisors. After going through Wood Badge, they will understand how valuable the youth leaders can be in inspiring young men forever.

Bishopric Counselors

You are an important part of the Aaronic Priesthood organization in your ward. You are also an example to the Young Men’s leaders. They will follow your example as you attend Wood Badge and become better at working with youth leaders.

High Council & Stake YM Presidencies

These individuals often serve as Unit Commissioners. Their responsibility is to help answer questions through a support role of the Regional Districts. It is hard to understand how to help with situations when there has been no training for them at the level to give help and feedback.

Cub Scout Leaders

You get the privilege of working with these young boys every week! Wood Badge will help you see them in a new light and realize their potential as future leaders. You will be better prepared to encourage and help them along their scouting trail. As Baden Powell (the founder of scouting) said, “Scouting is a game with a purpose!” After attending Wood Badge you will have more fun with your boys and have more purpose to your games and activities!

Boy/Cub Scout Committee

Your primary role is to be a mentor and coach to the youth leaders in your ward. Wood Badge will teach you how to better fulfill that role and help them become better leaders. You will learn ways to help them see their potential and give them the support and skills needed to be successful youth leaders now and adult leaders later.

Don’t Take Our Word For It…

Here are just a few individuals that recommend Wood Badge training.

Instead of worrying about one person from a ward and two persons from a stake attending Wood Badge, why don’t we just commit to get every leader trained, including Fast Start, Youth Protection, Basic Training and Wood Badge immediately after they are called.

Charles W. Dahlquist II

Former Young Men General President, Read Article

This is coming from our Church leaders. They are not asking me if I would like to go to training if I have time. They’re saying that all those with responsibility for young men have a duty to be fully trained in Scouting and Aaronic Priesthood in order to help strengthen and save our youth.

Christopher M. Grimes

Former Bishop, Read Article

Training is essential to understanding Scouting and feeling confident that we can implement the program. Training motivates us to succeed because as we develop a degree of mystery, we gain confidence that we really can be successful Scout Leaders.

David L. Beck

Former Young Men General President, Read Article